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Commercial Properties

Mall Shoham Sderot Emek Ayalon 161
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“Mall Shoham” is a 2-story neighborhood commercial center built on a plot of land on an area of about 3.5 dunams, with each level having a balance of land that serves as an organized and marked open parking lot.

The property is on the northern side of the settlement of Shoham, the environment is a typical residential environment characterized by saturated construction alongside low construction.

Shoham has about 22,000 residents and will soon grow with the establishment of a new neighborhood at the southern entrance to the settlement. The center is a neighborhood center that serves two neighborhoods and is also located on the main axis in the settlement. A mix of residences and commercial/employment volumes on a limited scale.

Merkaz Modiin Shimshoni Emek Beit She'an Street 29
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A neighborhood commercial center, 2 floors above a basement floor used for parking and storage built on a plot of land on an area of about 4 dunams.

Since the ground surface is on a slope descending from east to west, the construction is here utilizing the topography differences, so that there are two ground floors.

At the rear of the building (lower ground floor), there is a parking lot used by the center island.

Emek Beit She’an Street in the Shimshoni neighborhood located on the northern side of the city

Modi’in, is a major street in the area.

The environment is mainly characterized by new and modern residential construction with typical Jerusalem construction characteristics.

Area: 3,000 Sqm
Raanana Ahuza Ahuza 114
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A commercial property in the center of Raanana that rented to Mega, B-Pharm and Zolim.

Area: 1,600 Sqm
Ma'ale Eilat Yotam Road
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A neighborhood, two-story shopping center located at the corner of streets Yotam Road and Argaman Blvd in Eilat city.

The construction was done utilizing the topographic differences of the natural soil so that it actually faces 2 stories of the land.

The building includes a supermarket branch on the level of Crimson Blvd., a number of commercial units on the level Yotam Road.

Yotam Road and Crimson Blvd are major traffic arteries in the city, carrying large volumes of traffic around the clock.

Near the center is the Yoseftal Medical Center.

Area: 2,600 Sqm
Rechasim Savyon 40
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Neighborhood shopping center, with two buildings, south and north.
The main southern building has 3 floors, and the northern building is one-story.
The ground floor of the southern building is a supermarket branch, while the rest of the center is used by all the HMOs and a pharmacy.

Area: 2,600 Sqm
Mazkeret Batya Sderot Eliyahu
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A neighborhood center, with two floors and a basement, used for commerce and offices.
The compound is located in the center of the Mazkeret Batya colony, at the corner of Eliyahu and Lilach streets.
Eliyahu Blvd. crosses the settlement from west to east and constitutes a main two-lane traffic artery.

Area: 2,500 Sqm
Afula Afula
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A one-story commercial building, with an area of about 4,000 square meters. The building is divided into 4 commercial units – a supermarket, a restaurant, a nature store, and a furniture store.
The building is in the industrial and commercial area of Afula, close to the city, is characterized by industrial uses and significant penetration of commercial uses.
In the area of new construction and full environmental development.

Area : 4,000 Sqm
Neve Avivim Tel Aviv Oppenheimer Street 13
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“Neve Avivim” is a neighborhood commercial center, located between Oppenheimer and Rabbi Ashi streets.
The center is a one-story building that includes many shops, The center is active and in demand.

The property is in the center of the Neve Avivim neighborhood in Ramat Aviv, north of Tel Aviv, north of Yarkon.
The neighborhood is considered prestigious and in demand for residence.

BSRE owns 50% of the center, with 3 units rented to Mega, Dudu Automazgin, and a Nono and Mimi restaurant.

Area: 3,000 Sqm

Shopping Centers

2,150 Value In Million ₪
51,000 Square Meters
TLV Mall Hashmonaim 96 - Karlibach 4 - Menachem Begin 97
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TLV Mall is located in Central Tel Aviv, at the heart of the city’s urban area (which is undergoing a process of urban renewal), and is connected to the LRT and Central Metro lines. The Mall consists of two entrances, one on HaHashmonaim Street and one on Karlebach Street. It is located next to some of the best restaurants and commercial and cultural centers in the city. The Mall consists of two floors – yielding commercial area: 32,500 square meters; adjacent galleries: 4,500 square meters (consisting of 250 stores).

The Mall, which was opened in March 2017, is the largest urban shopping center in the region. The Mall’s design is based on “circular flow,” which enables convenient access to stores and a cosmopolitan shopping experience.

The Mall caters to every type and variety of shopper: from high-end fashion to prominent chain stores, and from casual wear to haute couture. It also offers a unique culinary experience: “street food” restaurants and popular cafes.

The Center is located between two LRT stations:

Yehudit Station at Begin Road Interchange, HaArba’a Street and Yehudit Blvd. will serve the Red Line, which is expected to open in 2022.

70,000,000 passengers are expected to travel here every year, with 100,000 passengers traveling through the Red Line alone.

There are 20 bus stations and 100 lines within walking distance.

The Mall is fully owned by Blue Square Real Estate.

Parking Lot: 1570
Floors: 2
Alon Kiryat Hasharon Tom Lantos 26
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Alon Center is located at the heart of Kiryat HaSharon Neighborhood in Netanya.

This local and communal center provides an immediate solution to the needs of local residents.

Kiryat HaSharon was rated third among the most highly sought-after neighborhoods in Israel and is characterized by a young and strong population.

The building extends across 24,000 m² of office, commercial and employment spaces, include such tenants as supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, and various eateries.

The office floor of the building contains the clinics of most of Israel’s HMOs: Clalit Health Services, S.I.L.O. Supplementary and Alternative Medicine, Maccabi Health Services, Meuhedet, dental clinics, specialist clinics, classes for children and teenagers, freelancers, and more.

The Center offers a wealth of parking spaces, and owes its exceptional accessibility to a large network of bus lines and a railway station that will pass through Kiryat HaSharon in the future.

Alon Center is owned by Blue Square Real Estate and Harel Insurance Company.

Building Area: 24,000 sqm
Commercial: 4,716 sqm
Offices: 7,335 sqm
Warehouses: 314 sqm
Parking Lot: 12,000 underground
Parking: 4,000 above the ground
Architects: Naama Melis
Hadar Shopping Centre General Pierre Koenig Street 26
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Hadar Mall is located on Talpiot Street (one of the city’s main streets), in a large industrial zone that attracts visitors from all over Jerusalem and the surrounding regions.

Hadar Mall began its way as a biscuit factory, and, after it was closed, a commercial center was built in that location, which was opened in 2001. At first, the Center was based on large stores, and eventually evolved into a prominent, popular and well-known mall in Jerusalem.

In 2014, the Mall was reopened after NIS 100 million were invested in its expansion and renovation. The Mall’s commercial area now extends across 71,520 square meters, which include: seven commercial and parking lot floors, about 120 stores that extend across 26,000 square meters and four floors; offices and clinics (490 square meters), storage spaces (650 square meters) and 1,200 parking spaces on five parking lot floors.

The Mall’s leading chains include: Mango, Castro, Bershka, Pull & Bear, American Eagle, Adidas Outlet, Emporium, Renuar, Aldo, Golbary, Golf, Crazy Line, Delta, Hoodies, Top Ten, Mania Jeans, Noizz, Nike, and more.

Hadar Mall also offers a unique culinary experience, as well as a recreational and shopping experience for the entire family.

Leading chains include: Hadar Market (14 food stands), Aroma, Café Greg, Waffle Bar, Roladin, and more.

The Mall is known for its laid-back ambience and unique shopping and leisure experience, which attract approximately 24,000 visitors every day from all over Jerusalem and the surrounding areas. Hadar Mall’s customers hail from every sector of the population: secular Israelis, religious Israelis, Arabs, families and children.

Hadar Mall continues to improve and adapt to the needs of its customers, and thereby strengthen and enhance the service and recreation experience at that location, while still maintaining its homely, “Jerusalemite” character.

The Mall is jointly owned by Blue Square Real Estate and Clal Insurance.


Visit the Hadar mall Website

Parking Lot: 1,200
Floors: 7

Logistic Centers

374 Value In Million ₪
65,522 Square Meters
Logistics Center BEE Beer Tuvia Industrial Zone
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Logistics Center BEE is fully owned by Blue Square Real Estate.

The Center consists of industrial structures that extend across 23,695 square meters, and they are leased to B Logistics Service Center Ltd.

the Logistics Center is located in Be’er Tuvia’s industrial zone, near Kiryat Malachi Interchange, also known as “Kastina Interchange.” Kastina Interchange connects National Highway 3 to National Highway 40.

The area includes industrial structures and large logistics and distribution centers operated by such companies as John Deere, Tnuva, S.I. Gil Projects, Crocs, etc.

The project, which is located next to open agricultural areas, is fully developed, and it includes roads, sidewalks and streetlights.


Area: 23,695 square meters
Kibbutz Eyal Logistics Center Kibbutz Eyal
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Eyal Logistics Center was built in collaboration between Square Blue Real Estate and Kibbutz Eyal.

The industrial buildings in the center cover an area of ​​28,101 square meters in the area of ​​the farm buildings of Kibbutz Eyal, which is located in the southern part of the kibbutz, the center is leased to a diplomat company.

Kibbutz Eyal was founded in 1947 by immigrants from Eastern Europe and is now privatized. In the 1980s, a settlement was established north of the Kibbutz Kochav Yair settlement, and later the settlement of Tzur Yigal was established on the kibbutz’s orchard lands.

The kibbutz is located in the area of ​​the Southern Sharon Regional Council and is located west of the Eyal Interchange on Road 6, about 1.3 km as the crow flies and about 1.7 km from the interchange.

Arrival at the kibbutz is on Road No. 444. The level of development in the area of ​​farm buildings is complete.

Area: 28,101 sqm
Kibbutz Einat Logistics Center Kibbutz Einat
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The construction of the Einat Logistics Center was a collaborative enterprise of both Blue Square Real Estate and Kibbutz Einat.

The industrial structures at this center extend across 13,726 square meters, and include such tenants as Profalos, Mazonit and Sunplast.

The Einat Logistics Center is found in a central location, and is fully occupied.

Kibbutz Einat is located to the south of Rosh HaAyin Interchange, to south of Highway 5 and near Highway 6, which can be reached via a road that branches out of National Highway 444.

The property is located in the Kibbutz’s northern industrial zone (the northeast section of the Kibbutz).

Area: 13,726 sqm


402 Value In Million ₪
32,000 Square Meters
Givatayim Korazin Tfutzot Israel 13
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An old three-story office building above a basement.
The building is located in the industrial and craft area of Givatayim.
Visa CAL House is located adjacent to and south of the property.

Area: 2,700 Sqm
Afek Industrial Park Ha-Amal Street 2
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Amal 2 is a high-end building located at the entrance to Afek Park Industrial Zone, which is also known as “Park Sibel” in Rosh HaAyin.

The building extends across 13,081 square meters of office and commercial spaces, and include such tenants as Victory, Naaman and Innoviz.

The Afek Industrial Zone is located to the north of “Trans-Shomron” Highway (Highway 5), and 2 km to the east of Kesem Interchange and Trans-Israel Highway (Highway 6).

The Park serves a variety of industrial purposes, such as high-tech, offices, and, to a small extent, commercial areas.

Rosh HaAyin’s strategic location on prominent transportation lines – Trans-Israel Highway, Trans-Shomron Highway and Rakevet HaParvarim – has resulted in considerable demand on the part of industrialists for spaces in the Afek Park Industrial Zone – located to the north of Rosh HaAyin.

Building size: 13,081 sqm
Floors: 2
Office Area: 8,272 sqm
Commercial Area: 3,396 sqm
Unloading area + gas station: 1,413 sqm
Parking Lot: 187
Alon Petah Tikva Ha sivim Street 47
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Alon Petah Tikva is a boutique-tier building that’s situated in the center of Ramat Siv, Petah Tikva, which in recent years has become the burgeoning business, high tech, recreational and restaurant center of Gush Dan.

The building extends across 2,439 square meters of office and commercial spaces, and consists of five floors, and it includes such tenants as the Benedict and Auto Bar restaurants, as well as various insurance companies (Atid Batuach and Sela, Magar, beverage companies (Coca-Cola)).

The center is located near Givat Shmuel, and the exit to Yitzchak Rabin Road, Highway 471, Highway 4 and Highway 6. The building contains 55 parking spaces, and is located next to many accessible bus stations that serve as a transportation hub for hundreds of commuting employees.

Petah Tikva is known as Israel’s “silicon valley” for a good reason. The city was rated at the top of Israel’s most financially stable cities, and it has the highest growth rate in terms of new businesses, alongside low risk levels. The area is highly accessible thanks to a large network of bus lines and Israel Railway stations, found at two central locations, and is connected to the LRT Line, which will pass through Jabotinsky Street (the city’s main street), making this center an especially attractive location.

Building size: 2,439 sqm
Floors: 5
Office area: 2,110 sqm
Commercial area: 329 sqm
Parking: 55
Alon Tower Raanana Hasheizaf 4
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Alon Raanana Tower – Kiryat Etgarim – A business park in northeastern Raanana

As one of the region’s most significant financial hubs, the Tower serves as the center of operations of dozens of Israeli and global industrial and technological companies – alongside Israeli start-up ventures. The region, which is located next to Raanana’s Central Bus Station, is a highly accessible, vibrant location that benefits from the rapid growth of restaurants, cafés, and recreational spaces for every age.

Alon Raanana Tower was built in accordance with Green Construction Standards, and includes advanced energy efficiency technologies. The Tower consists of seventeen floors, 49,500 m² of office spaces and 870 parking spaces for vehicles and bicycles (the Tower includes private wardrobes for employees).

The tenants at Raanana Tower include:

Zoominfo, Drivenets, Mavenir, Eli Lilly, Westpharma, Nextage, Fresenius, Cornit Vision, Anodot, Centrica

Blue Square Real Estate is currently working on an urban building plan that includes an additional office building, which will entail additional interests in the form of 26,000 m² and 450 parking spaces.

Alon Raanana Tower is owned by Blue Square Real Estate and Harel Insurance Company.

Area: 49,500 sqm
Top Area: 23,170 sqm
Underground areas: 26,301 sqm
Parking: 870
Floors: 17
Architects: Moshe Zur Architects and Urbanists
Interior Design: Ram Goldberg


Oded Oded
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A unique and luxurious residential center is currently being built in Ramat HaTayasim.

This residential project is expected to be built next to a commercial and recreational center on Oded Street.

A green and quiet residential environment can be found in this perfect location, right next to the beating heart of Tel Aviv.

This ideal location offers excellent access, and is situated near the future LRT line, a large park, and educational and sports facilities.

The project will offer a diverse mixture of apartments (1-4-bedroom apartments and penthouses).

The Wholesale Market Tel Aviv
bsre bsre

The BSRE flagship project began in 2010 as a joint venture (50%) with a third party.

BSRE acquired the building rights to develop the largest construction reserve left in the center of Tel Aviv – between Carlebach and Hasmonean streets. The project combines a mix of 11 residential buildings that include 776 residential apartments, a mall with an area of about 32,000 sqm, 14 dunams of green park, an elementary school, a cluster of kindergartens, and daycare centers, and an urban sports center.

Area: 32,000 Sqm
Yehuda Hamaccabi Yehuda Hamaccabi 46-50
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NOP Project 38/1 (the project consists of an existing building) is located a stone’s throw away from Yarkon Park, on Yehuda HaMaccabi Street, situated in the lucrative Old North of Tel Aviv.

This plot consisted of a one-story minimart (700 m²), and an operational basement with a built-up area of approximately 200 m². A three-story building is found next to this plot, with two floors used for residential purposes. The Local Committee has decided to rezone the property (from a plot with a single commercial unit to a combined residential-commercial plot).

The approved plan includes a commercial floor that’s located under five residential floors. The project was meticulously designed by Bar Uriyan Architects, and it consists of a unique 6-story building. The building offers an exceptional residential experience in one of Tel Aviv’s most sought-after regions.

The apartments consist of meticulously designed 1-2-bedroom units, ,mini-penthouses and spacious penthouses.

The final specifications were provided by carefully hand-picked and leading providers.

Adjacent areas: recreational and cultural centers, stores, cafés and restaurants, and high-quality educational facilities that complement this outstanding residential experience.

Habitiation: 2
Tozeret Ha'aretz Tozeret Ha'aretz
bsre bsre

Tozeret Ha’aretz Tel Aviv is a new and fascinating urban project, planned and built on the base of mixed utilization module. Two impressive towers in a complex which spreads across 6.5 dunam (approximately 9,700 sq ft or roughly about 900 square meters) in Tozeret Ha’aretz street in Tel Aviv. Developing and bustling urban heart with limited ground reserves that are being occupied quickly.

The project is located in an area characterized by high accessibility levels. Close proximity to Ha’shalon train station, to Ayalon highways, road 4 and road 6 exits and in the near future to two of the light train lines (M1, M2).

The design and planning of the buildings were entrusted to the Israeli – International architectural firm MYS Architects who is signed on some of the biggest real estate successes.

The constructor – Tidhar Group


Square Meters: 30,000 sqm
₪ Value Million: 1,340

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